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When Traveling In Sungai Tiang (Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara)

  Taman Negara (National Park) is located in Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the world's oldest rainforest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old, older than Amazon rainforest.
Destination Sungai Tiang
The name means 'new city' or 'new castle/fort' in Malay. Kota Bharu has many palaces, museums, markets and historic buildings which are of interest to local and foreign tourists. The city also serves as main gateway to visitors that are on their way to visit the tropical island of Perhentian. Tourist can also visit a huge sleeping buddha; the Wat Pothvihan.Attractions found near Kuala Tahan (Park headquarters for Pahang) include a canopy walkway, Gua Telinga (cave system), Lata Berkoh (rapid). Visitors can enjoy the tropical rainforest, birdwatching , jungle trekking and the river views along the Tahan River. The park has been developed into a famous ecotourism destination in Malaysia. There are several geological and biological attractions in the park. Gunung Tahan is the highest point where climbers can use Kuala Tahan or Merapoh as their departure point. Taman Negara is home to some rare mammals, such as the Malayan tiger, Malayan gaur (seladang) and Asian elephant.View More »
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