Ownership Structure of SKS Airways


Where is the Headquarters of SKS Airways?


What is the Business Model adopted by SKS Airways?


What is the type of aircraft used by SKS Airways?


Where is the Twin Otter aircraft is being maintained?


What are the advantages flying Twin Otter aircraft?


Which destinations does SKS Airways fly to?


What is the product/services of SKS Airways?


How do I book a flight?


How do I get my ticket?


What type of fare type does SKS Airway offer?


What is the Baggage Allowance for DHC6-300 Twin Otter aircraft?


Can I carry or check-in Golf Bag, Diving Cylinder, Surf Boards/equipment on board DHC6-Twin Otter aircraft?


What is the check-in process for DHC-300 Twin Otter?


Does SKS Airways offer a product or service related to travel or tourism?


Can I opt for seat selection during my booking?


Can I charter the entire aircraft?


Do infants require a separate seat?


What are the terms and condition for travelling with SKS Airways?


What travel documents are needed from a pregnant guest?


How flight delay is handled?


How do I apply a job with SKS Airways?


Where can I find more information about SKS Airways?


What is the travel requirement during COVID-19?

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