SkyLounge Service

What is SkyLounge Service?


Where is SkyLounge located?


How can I purchase SkyLounge Service?


How much do I have to pay for SkyLounge service?


After I have purchased my flight, will I still be able to purchase SkyLounge?


When and how advance can I purchase the SkyLounge Service?


Proof of purchase to access SkyLounge?


Can I make any changes or cancel the SkyLounge that I have purchased?


Can I purchase SkyLounge for my non-travelling guests?


How soon can I enter and use the SkyLounge service?


Can I purchase SkyLounge service from any of SKS Airways Ticket Counter?


How do I enter the SkyLounge?


Can I request refund due to SKS Airway’s flight cancellation?


Can I provide my feedback on the food and/ or services of SkyLounge?

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